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June 25th, 2008EventAtlantis Plastics shooting, An employee shot and killed five people after an argument, which ended in the gunman s suicide in Henderson, Kentucky.
June 25th, 2008EventRobert Mugabe had his honourary knighthood stripped by Queen Elizabeth II of England.
June 25th, 2007Event2007 United Kingdom floods, parts of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire flood including Louth, Horncastle and worst affected, Hull.
June 25th, 1998EventIn Clinton v. City of New York, the United States Supreme Court decides that the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 is unconstitutional.
June 25th, 1997EventAn unmanned Progress spacecraft collides with the Russian Space station, Mir.
June 25th, 1996EventThe Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia kills 19 U.S. servicemen.
June 25th, 1993EventKim Campbell is chosen as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and becomes the first female Prime Minister of Canada.
June 25th, 1991EventCroatia and Slovenia declare their independence from Yugoslavia.
June 25th, 1983EventIndia wins the final of the Cricket World Cup against the mighty West Indies at the MCC s Lord s Cricket Ground in London.
June 25th, 1982EventGreece abolishes headshaving of recruits in the military.

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